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15 Positive Projects for your Easter Weekend

Happy Easter

As we are moving into a lovely long weekend today I thought I would share a few inspiring things to do with your long weekend. Hopefully you have got loads of great plans already. Personally I am doing a major de-clutter and then spending time with my family. With four whole days to enjoy I thought you may have some spare time, so today I am going to share some ideas for great things you could do if you have a spare hour or so.

Start something new:
How to Start a Side Project Part One and Part Two
Create a 101 things list

Some great Spring Cleaning Tips
100 Things Challenge

Sort out your clothes:
Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration
Build a Capsule Spring Wardrobe

Try some Yoga:
Relaxing Yoga
Energising Yoga

Start your Meditation Practice:
Beginners Guide to Meditation
Guided Meditations

Get Cooking:
Easter Nests
Simnel Bunnies

Get Inspired:
My favourite Videos
My favourite Resources

Whatever you do have a restful few days, be kind to yourself and try and infuse fun into everything you do.

Can’t wait to here what you have got planned. Leave a comment and let me know.

With love,

Lucie x

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