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What I Learnt This Month – March


After what has felt like a jam packed few months, I decided it was time to sit down again and take a breath and look at what I have learnt this month. I always find this such a therapeutic and enriching thing to do. It really helps me to see how much I have achieved, where I have been growing and take stock of what has gone well. From the small to the large, learning new things is one of life’s great joys and I always love sharing what I have learnt with others.

So here goes with this months list. I learnt

  1. That if you start a tweet with a @ handle then the only people who see the tweet are the people who follow you and the person you tweet. I never knew this. So if you want a larger reach, don’t begin your tweet with the @ – start it with something else and drop that term in later
  2. How to make an electric guitar out of icing – This was a great little project. I found that using simple decoration icing dyed different colours you can make a pretty cool electric guitar. The only tricky bit was getting the strings to look good. My advice ice on the frets first and use a really thin writing icing to add your strings
  3. How effective Hiit Routines are for burning fat – I listened to this great episode of the model health show about how effective Hiit routines can be at keeping you fit. Since then I have started to implement them in my routine. I can recommend the sprints – although I never realised how sprinting uses every muscle – I mean every single one – I ached for days afterwards. I also found another great free app to time intervals and this great site from the 12 minute athlete.
  4. About how much of an effect our hormones can have on all sorts of things in our life – Again another great piece of wisdom from the model health show – this was so fascinating to listen to and really got me thinking about my own knowledge about my hormones and how they can effect my mood and health
  5. I found a great app to track the new habits I am currently adding in to my routine. This is a great way to keep track and has really helped me as I start work on my 100 things list ( more on this next week)
  6. That consistency is key when it comes to increasing your twitter following. I have just started to get in to using Twitter and found that by just being around and actually using the network everyday things have started to grow. If you are on twitter follow me here. I can’t wait to connect!
  7. How much of a difference it can make to be proud of yourself. To take a moment to congratulate yourself for everything you are doing and move forward. Recently I have started taking deliberate time to pat myself on the back for everything I do. Yes, I don’t always get everything right but it is so much more positive and I have found I have so much more momentum when I am spending time focusing on what I am doing well rather than worrying about where I am supposedly ‘missing the mark.’

And there we go, great things I learnt this month. I hope these are useful to you and inspire you to make your own list. Looking forward to another great month with lots of growth and new learning!

With love,

Lucie x

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