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100 Days of Finishing – The Art of Getting Sh*t Done

So, I am bad at finishing things. I live in a world with lots of half formed thoughts, creative projects that I started with such excitement and have been left to get as dusty as wheezy from toy story. 

But I also know that not finishing whilst wildly creative and free often means I don’t move forward and the story that I never finish anything holds me back even more. 

So, what better thing than 100 day project to make a change. Even if I go back to my old ways afterwards I can commit to 100 days of finishing things. Which conveniently starting today takes me to Christmas Eve 2020 and there is something about that that feels neat. And makes me want to do it even more. 

Ok but let’s be clear about what 100 days of finishing things is…

For the next 100 days I will finish something every day: As small as a social media post, as large as book. The only rules are I need to share what I finished, and that thing has to be something that is either a creative project in and of itself or enables a project or a step forward in something. 

It’s as simple as that. 

Today is day one. So what did I finish?

  • The conception of this idea
  • And this blog post 😉

Bring on tomorrow!