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A City in the Sky

It wasn’t long after settling in that I realised it was a sort of community in the sky, which I know sounds like it’s going to be a weird cult, but it’s not, trust me on this, it just happens to be the best way to describe it. 

It was sharing of a space in a democratic way a group of strangers that had nothing in common but the fact that they lived alongside each other. It was a seasonal community, one that came out with the sun as the collection of balconies and terraces came to life.  That and when the entire community was quarantined due to a world wide pandemic. 

Like small buds in spring as the March days unfolded so did our world. A brand new city that came to life when the streets emptied out and life spilled out of the four walls that we called home. 

These are their stories. And mine (well sort of) .