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Lucie Lincoln is a writer, podcast, communications specialist. In love with asking the big questions and usually in crisis trying to be ok with the fact that these questions don’t seem to have answers. Trying to figure out what a life well lived looks like and how to make growing up ok.

Living London, travelling the world when she can, exploring at home when she can’t.

She spends most of her days working with fast growth businesses helping them to tell their stories with soul. When she is not doing that she is writing for publications on travel, growing up, creativity and what it means to be human, hosting her podcast ‘ Almost Grown…Up’ a place where we can all deal with growing up together, or having coffee with people to discuss the meaning of life.  You know, the small questions.

You can find out more about her different projects here.

Always exploring, often creating, usually napping.


She also likes Cookies. A lot.