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Author: Lucie

I’ve decided the guys that designed The Game of Life have weren’t thinking it through properly. There are some fundamental

This week Lucie is joined by Kelly McGrath ( to talk about living by values. Uncovering her journey into veganism,

This week Lucie chats to Natasa Leoni (@Natasaleoni) a photographer and activist based in Brighton in the UK. Delving further

So, I am bad at finishing things. I live in a world with lots of half formed thoughts, creative projects

This week is Part Two of Lucie's conversation with Yoga Teach, Author, Speaker and Change Consultant Betsy Reed on the

There are always two timelines going on in my head. The one that exists right now. The momentary experience and

I've been thinking a lot the last few days about the fact that there are two ways to approach the

Don't you love it when two ideas smash together and you find something new? This happened recently to me when

This week is a masterclass in handling discomfort. Growning up can be hard and uncomfortable. This week Lucie interviews Betsy Reed