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He had fed her too much. So much so that she waddled now. A golden, beige and fluffy mess. It was easier to see her more as a teddy bear. Although on reflection her waddle gave her the gate of a wind up toy. Passersby often wondered if underneath all that fluff one might find a white ridge dial that squeaked when turned. Unsure how many turns would get her through the walk, 4 maybe 5. I guess it depended on the distance.

Either way one thing was clear, his plan had failed, no one ever looked at him, she was far too captivating. 

He had gone from one ignored bystander to another. Now if women looked it was only at Bonnie not him. Not even from her to him. Just at her.

Bonnie would be a great alibi. The reason to not yet noticed at a crime scene. She was the perfect decoy. Every cloud had a silver lining.

She had just become the real Bonnie to his Clyde. 

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