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Old Before it’s Time

It was hard being an Olympic stadium. Others didn’t have it quite so bad. But the stadium in Barcelona. Well, it had it’s hayday. Bright colourful and full of excitement. It was a fiesta to end all parties.

Except it didn’t end all parties and once the 1992 Olympics was over the spotlight moved on. And slowly so did the people of the city.

Each year it hoped in vein that it would get turned into something else.

Used once again for it’s full potential.

But every year it waited and then nothing. A few simple athletics meets and a couple of tourists that bothered to stop by on the way up to the tourist attractions further up the hill.

And so that was life now. It was like a fading grandeur only it never really got old because truth be told it was still in its infancy. If it had been a human we would say it was old before it’s time. But as a stadium no one much thought about how it would feel.

And so it still sits, hoping for something new. Resigned to a few simple photos in passing. Perhaps that was enough, having been something once. It was still more than a lot of other buildings.

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