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Portraits of the City – Friday

He comes to the café and buys one coffee.
He doesn’t need to come to the café but he does. 
So he can sit next to the wall and read his book. 
The grey of is jogging bottoms matching the grey chairs. The grey of his hair matches the walls. 

He sits for 30 mins reading his book and then gets up to leave. There is no reason to be here. But there is no reason not to. 
Sometimes it’s simply the only human contact he gets. And so he sits and reads and occasionally very occasionally just watches. 
The lives he could have had, had he made different choices.

But then so do we all. 


Mostly they had crisp and beer. The rebels this was. 
The revolution was taking place on the streets, and in people hearts but also mostly in the tienda’s and supermarkets of the city. Sales on Estrea beer had doubled in a week. The brand had chosen it’s red can’s well. 
And so it is. The revolution goes on but so does life and we all get hungry once in a while.  

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