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Projects Almost Grown...Up Almost Grown…Up started as project to help me come to terms with what it meant to try and grow up in a world that celebrates youth and how I could make it a positive thing. I realised that this wasn’t only a problem I was having so I created a podcast to have a space to speak to other people about growing up, to understand the way they understood what being a grown up could mean and of course to get their advice. Projects 50 Coffees on the Meaning of Life Who am I? What is the Meaning of Life? If you wish there was a status update that read ‘currently in existential crisis’ then you have come to the right place. I am still going for coffee so if you have thoughts and fancy sharing them get in touch! Projects Creativity Saves Me I started Creativity Saves Me with the desire to celebrate and share the power of creativity to help us all through life more challenging times. Projects Suppers from Scratch Ahh… this old beauty. It was the first blog I ever started. My secret side hustle that renewed my love of writing and fuelled my desire to share it. Quite simply I made everything I ate from scratch for a year and blogged about it right here.