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50 Coffees on the Meaning of Life

Who am I? What is the Meaning of Life?

If you wish there was a status update that read ‘currently in existential crisis’ then you have come to the right place.

In the summer of 2018 I had my most recent existential crisis. On a reasonably large scale and found myself not really sure what the point was or what I was going to do about it. Ever resourceful I realised well I had to do something. So decided it was time to ask. Which is how I find myself mid way through a project to have coffee with 50 people to talk about the meaning of life. I am 20 coffees in and taking on the resolution to drink decaf and learning a lot about how other people see the meaning of life.

I decided to share what I am learning both on the podcast and via blogs.

I hope you find it useful on days where you are a bit unsure about the meaning of life, or simply inspiring to look at life through someone else lens.

I am still going for coffee so if you have thoughts and fancy sharing them get in touch!