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This brownie has macadamia nuts in and other great things that have happened today

Today I decided to write a story. 

Just for fun. Because we so rarely do things just for fun and recently, well, recently I have been focused on all sorts of figuring out and not a lot of fun. 

So here goes, this is the story. It starts here. With me writing about the story. Duh. 

But really it’s about today, and the man with the pale blue eyes that he accessorised with a splash of cerulean blue paint on his finger nail. Who asked, But how do you write? How do you know the thoughts you have are your thoughts and not someone else’s? Interesting question but clearly this stranger, who other than his slightly larger ego and blue eyes was my twin, leather jackets, iPhones and pretentious coffee habits included didn’t know me well enough to know how much I think. Trust me nothing goes un examined in this brain. And I am sure there are words of others mashed up into my own, but that is the interesting thing when we can mix together the world and come up through all of those ingredients with something new.

Apparently he was a painter, and I wondered, if he ever wondered, (lots of people were wondering)  where his ideas came from and if there were really his, or he just liked to start conversations with challenges? I don’t imagine he did. 

I decided we often do this. Use a passing stranger to help us think out our thoughts. And I just happened to be the stranger sitting there. But of course it makes a very good start to a story. And so I wrote it. Because that’s what we do. Find the door to open eyes to new worlds, that are infact just our world painted viewed from a different spot. 

This part of the story doesn’t last long, because I got cold. 

So I collected my things and bounded out into the sunshine, having had enough of this particular spot, too close to the door in autumn to relax properly, and also not wishing to go in for round two. 

Which of course is how I ended up with the brownie. The perfect brownie. With macadamia nuts. Yes, really. Macadamias. Of all the nuts I thought, but I guess it gives them something to talk about and brownies are so prosaic nowadays macadamias can be the poetry inside. Its like turning your work from the lines in a Haribo advert into the work of Walt Whitman, with the use of one nut. 

But life and brownies are full of surprises so who know what happens next? Probably nothing for a while. But then something will and we can together walk through a different door to view the world again as something new. 

In the meantime I am going to enjoy this brownie. Because that is the viewpoint of my world right now. 

A window, a painter and a macadamia nut. An interesting trio, perhaps I should have called the story that. 

But you might not have read it if I had. 

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