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Where to find the best Banana Bread in London

I realise everyone is looking at me. 

I have just taken a bit into my first bit of banana bread and uttered far what I thought was under my breath but I think was far too loudly “oh my god yes” But not really in away that is suitable for food consumption. I think I sounded more like I was reaching some sort of sexual satisfaction rather than taste bud bliss.  I guess this is why everyone looked. That or I was talking to myself. 

This was when I realised I now talk out loud to myself, unashamedly apparently. Because when something is good enough it is hard to keep it in. And as I adjust to more and more time in solitude I realise that sometimes you just have to say something is great regardless of whether anyone is there to agree or not. 

My love of banana bread has been cultivated over time. Btu really it took flight at about 5pm on the 25thJanuary 2017. I was sat on the steps of the plaza Major in Antigua Guatemala just having picked up a loaf of freshly baked and sliced (like actual bread) banana bread from Dona Lusia. It was still warm, the sun was setting and I just sat watching the world unfold, old couples dancing to music, children running around, and me just watching and drawing. It was pretty magical and evening that will hopefully live in my mind forever more. 

Returning to a cold rainy London in March I sought the feeling of lightness, possibility and connection that accompanied that particular loaf of banana bread and ever since have cultivated a tour of London by Banana bread, which if good enough will find me unable to keep the ‘oh my god yes’ to myself. 

So, when you see the blonde woman in the coffee shop having a Foodgasm over banana bread you will know that is me. Feel free to pop over and say hi. 

If I have whetted your banana bread appetite and you are based in London here are a few of my favourite places….

Kaffeine – this is a new number one because my previous number one changed their recipe. Shocking I know, I was pretty devastated. In fact, I told everyone who worked there how sad I was so much so they gave me the recipe, I think just to get rid of me. But enough about the old number one (poor Kaffeine, it’s like they are my new boyfriend and I keep chatting about my ex– to be fair it was a hard break up.) Anyway, back to Kaffeine which is superb. Think wide, hot and covered in butter – it is the best way to enjoy banana bread and Kaffeine absolutely nail it. Simple and to the point. Also the lack of WIFI is a nice excuse to just sit and watch the world go by in their window/ chat to yourself about how great the banana bread is. 

 Store Street Espresso – Not only is this bread superbly rich and bananary, but the coffee just like Kaffeine is on point (it’s a great combo). Also it is a beautifully minimal café with plenty of plants, a place to while away the hours. You will usually also find me in the corner. DON’T STEAL MY TABLE… though.

Lantana – As one of London’s prime Aussie Brunch spots Lantana obviously has banana bread. Which to warrant the large price tag they have pimped up. It borderlines on too rich for breakfast, but for a brunch it is completely acceptable.  Just maybe don’t pair with a rich coffee. Keep it a black coffee or dare I say it even an Earl Grey Tea.

Ozone – Oh Ozone you beauty. Yet another pimped up slightly higher priced Banana bread. But a slice of that with a black coffee sitting in the window, shutters open, reminds me of this coffee shop in Bali where life unfolded a little more for me. So I couldn’t not recommend because this place is superb. 

Finally – My house… Because I bake a mean banana bread… add a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon trust me it’s a game changer. 

I hope you enjoy a banana bread tour of London all I ask is that you don’t steal my table or the last slice. It’s the least you can do. 

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