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Which way are you growing?

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about the fact that there are two ways to approach the idea of constant growth and ‘bettering’.

One is for yourself. How do I feel better? What would make me happier? More peaceful? What metric of success do I want for myself and how do I reach more of that.And the then other is of service. How do I do a better job than the one I am now? How can I be a better daughter? Family Member? Friend? Employee? How can I do better in the world? Have more impact? Bring more value? 

Like most things that sit at either side of the spectrum I am starting to think that it is all about treading the line. The line between the internal growth, depth of experience and expansion of feeling really good. And then the reach out to a more pragmatic space where you look for impact and value in the world beyond. Worrying less about how you feel and more about what you actually see in front of you. The facts, not the feelings. 

Playing with both sides of this coin, is a challenge often it’s easy to get stuck on one side. ButI am starting to realise after a period of intense personal growth and time spent staring into my own thoughts and feelings I need to change lens every now and then and use the equilibrium of feeling balanced most of the time and instead of questioning just ‘what would make me feel better’ instead ‘what can I do or choose to make something in the world or my life a little bit better right now. Today.’ 

I think it is in the balance of the two that we can continue to grow upwards and down. Because of course you don’t get one without the other.